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Why Choose Automated Welding Systems

Why Choose Automated Welding Systems

With the development of electronic technology, products are becoming more and more complex, and the structure of products is also varied. The welding of products has gradually extended from flat welding to three-dimensional welding. Common production processes can no longer meet all welding. Manual welding productivity is low, welding quality cannot be guaranteed, and labor costs continue to rise. Automated welding systems instead of manual welding have become the inevitable choice. Compared with a manual butt welding machine, it has many advantages.

The intelligent welding robot is a precision system designed with innovative concepts. The system is integrated with high-precision hardware and intelligent software to ensure welding reliability and meet the requirements of low operation, low training, and low cost in the current production process. Among various plastic pipe welders for sale, it has its own specifications.

Production features

Automated welding systems are intelligent systems that simulate the basic characteristics of humans. Automated welding systems have full vision (eyes) for real-time observation, correction, and process execution after confirmation, instead of simply executing a pre-programmed program. The welding robots currently existing in the market are only automated devices and cannot handle any errors introduced by the workpiece in real-time. This is essentially different from the robot system.

By adopting servo motors and precision ball screw drive control systems, the intelligent hydraulic welding machine robot system can meet the requirements of industrial production with high precision, high efficiency, repeatability, and durability. Independent rotating platform, independent welding head, and soldering axis control design can more flexibly correspond to various complex welding processes.

Full visual puzzle programming realizes the simplification of process programming.

Dynamic laser height measurement and adaptive adjustment can ensure repeatability accuracy.

Full vision puzzles, image recognition, automatic conversion of system coordinates, to ensure precise positioning and welding.

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