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LJ 400 Arched Surface Pipe Saw
Plastic Pipe Welding & Cutting Machines
LJ 400 Arched Surface Pipe Saw

LJ 400 Arched Surface Pipe Saw

LJ400 arched surface pipe saw can cut branch pipes with specific radian, and at the same time manufacture reducing tee welding fittings made of polyethylene, polypropylene or other specified thermoplastic materials. Cut the end of the pipe section of the outlet pipe to the correct radius of 63mm to 400mm.

Parameter of LJ 400 Arched Surface Pipe Saw



Cutting Range

250mm~400mm, PN4~PN20

Driver motor


u Range of arched radius


u Cutting angle error


u Max. line speed



3 phase 380Volts /415Volts, 50/60Hz



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