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How to Use Electrofusion Welding Machine and Problems That Are Easy to Appear

How to Use Electrofusion Welding Machine and Problems That Are Easy to Appear

1. The use steps of the electrofusion welding machine

(1) Connect the power cord to the electrofusion welding machine and choose the corresponding voltage after confirming the input voltage.

(2) Turn on the main power switch, and choose the welding time and current according to the ambient temperature and pipe diameter. Operation steps of electrofusion welding equipment:

Get ready for work--- connect the input and output wires--- select the input voltage--- turn on the main power switch--- turn on the work switch--- set the heating time--- adjust the current to the reference value (slow adjustment) and start welding--- after the time is up, the buzzer sounds and automatically the power will be cut off--- turn off the work switch--- turn the current adjustment knob--- disconnect the connecting wire plug--- cool down in the prescribed time--- check--- the end of the work.


2. Problems that occur in the use of electrofusion welding machine for steel belt reinforced spiral corrugated pipes

(1) Improper welding method of pipe network and insufficient welding strength. If just a single form is used, such as only welding with electric melting band, the strength of the connector cannot be guaranteed. It is recommended to use extrusion welding and electric melting band or heat shrinkable sleeve in combination.

(2) The cut of the pipeline is not standardized. Cut the overlapped edge of the electric melting band completely, the electrofusion welding equipment has no attachment, and the welding strength is completely lost.

(3) Due to the on-site conditions of the construction site, the welding is conducted when the upper and lower ends of pipelines are not aligned, so the gap between the left and right is too large. When the electrofusion welding machine only overlaps 5mm, the welding is carried out forcibly. The defects in the pipeline connections are obvious.

(4) The power source is far away and the cable is thin. The voltage wave drops severely, the welding time is short, and the current does not meet the requirements, causing the welding failure of the electrofusion welding machine.

(5) The speed of extrusion welding is too fast, and the welding strength is poor, and there is not enough heat to process the base material.

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