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LHY 1000 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine
Plastic Pipe Welding & Cutting Machines
LHY 1000 HYDRAULIC Butt Welding Machine

LHY 1000 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine

LHY 1000 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machines is suitable for HDPE & PP pipes and fittings, with high-quality aluminum casting without compromising strength and performance, the high-quality design provides for welding on the worksite and in the factory.

This hydraulic butt welding machine includes mainframe with all diameter layer clamps, a stand for the heating plate, facing tool, hydraulic unit, and mainframe. If necessary, the butt fusion welding machine can also be equipped with a data recorder to record the welding personnel information and welding data. Standard equip overhead crane for LHY1000.

Parameter of LHY 1000 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine



Welding Range

500mm~1000mm, PN4~PN20

Heating Plate Power


Facing tool power


Hydraulic unit power


Overhead crane


Total power



3 phase 380Volts/415Volts, 50/60Hz

Total electric current  

48.6A/380Volts;  51.9A/415Volts



Applications of hdpe pipe heating machine

HDPE drainage pipe mainly undertakes the drainage tasks of Rain Water, sewage, farmland drainage and irrigation, etc., and is widely used in drainage fields such as highway, railway roadbed, subway engineering, waste landfill, tunnel, green belt, sports ground and slope protection caused by high water content, as well as underground irrigation and drainage system of agriculture and horticulture. It is like a transportation network connecting the whole city, the following is the common connection mode of HDPE drain: the most common connection mode of HDPE drain is: hot melt connection, electric fusion connection, socket flexible connection, flange connection, steel-plastic transition joint connection and so on.

1. hdpe pipe heating machine

Hot melt connection is a special heating tool, which heats the joint part of pe pipe or pipe fitting under pressure, after melting, removes the hdpe pipe heater, applies pressure to connect the two melting surfaces, and maintains it under stable pressure for a period of time until the joint cools. Hot-melt connections include hot-melt butt connections, hot-melt socket connections, and hot-melt saddle connections.

2. Electric fusion connection of HDPE drain pipe

The electric fusion connection is that the special electric fusion pipe fitting with the embedded resistance wire is in close contact with the connection part of the pipe, and the connection part is heated by the embedded resistance wire to make it integrated until the joint cools. Electric fusion connections can be used to connect pe pipes or socket fittings of different types and different melt flow rates.

3. Flexible connection of HDPE drain pipe

Polyethylene pipe plug-in flexible connection is a new type of connection developed with reference to the principle of plug-in flexible connection between cast iron and polyvinyl chloride pipe (pvc-u). It is a reinforced polyethylene bearing welded at one end of the pe pipe.

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