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LHY 315 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine
Plastic Pipe Welding & Cutting Machines
LHY 315 HYDRAULIC Butt Welding Machine

LHY 315 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine

LHY315 hydraulic butt welding machine is suitable for field construction sites, such as the construction industry and sewage treatment enterprises. As well as the factory PVC, PPR pipe and pipe welding, this machine uses high-quality aluminum casting, strength does not reduce.

This hydraulic butt welding machine includes mainframe, layer clamp of each diameter, heating plate bracket, facing tool and heating plate. PTEE coated heating plate, adjustable digital temperature control knob, surface temperature difference ≤± 3 ℃, easy to operate. This China butt welding machine can be equipped with a data recorder to record the data of welding personnel and welding parameters anytime and anywhere. CNC automatic control system can also be selected.

Parameter of LHY 315 Hydraulic Butt Welding Machine



Welding Range


Heating Plate Power


Facing tool power


Hydraulic unit power


Total power



1 phase 220Volts/240Volts, 50/60Hz

Total electric current  

27.35A/220Volts;  28.96A/240Volts



Plastic tube welding tool and PVC material

Plastic welding pvc pipe has excellent solderability. The welding process involves applying enough heat to melt the PVC coating and then applying pressure and cooling to form the weld. Hydraulic butt fusion machine is mainly distinguished according to the generation and application of heat. There are three most common types of fusion welder for sale, and which one you choose depends on your manufacturing process and usage requirements.

Hot air welding. The hot air plastic pipe fusion welding machine generates the heat needed for welding by blowing compressed air through the electric heating element. Hot air welding can make many different shapes of welds, including curves, which are usually used in welds that need to be started and stopped repeatedly.

Hot wedge welding (HW) can weld very thick materials without flying dust and dirt, so hand-held hot wedge welders are usually used in field places where field welding is needed.

High frequency welding. High-frequency welding is sometimes used to connect PVC-coated textiles, especially in the medical industry, where the welding process is highly controllable and does not heat the surrounding materials, reducing the risk of thermal degradation.

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