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What Are the Requirements on Welding Equipment for Welding Oil and Gas Long-distance Pipe?

What Are the Requirements on Welding Equipment for Welding Oil and Gas Long-distance Pipe?

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1. Stability of automatic welding equipment in harsh environments

During the construction process, various environments such as severe cold, heat and humidity will be encountered. Welding power sources and automatic pipe welding systems must have adaptability to different environments. Automatic welding equipment should have good environmental adaptability and can maintain normal operation in extreme weather conditions.

2. Precise control of the automatic welding equipment

In the fully automatic construction of long-distance pipelines, the bevel processing, assembly and welding of the pipe orifice are all completed at the construction site. In order to improve the construction efficiency, the compound bevel form with the narrowest gap is usually used, so the requirements on the accuracy of bevel processing  and the group of pipe orifice are very high. Related equipment such as beveling machine, internal welding machine, heat welding machine and external welding machine all carry out flow operations, requiring precise control and controlling the error to a small range.

3. Automatic welding equipment, one machine for multiple purposes

The welding methods used in long-distance pipelines and stations include: cellulose electrode welding, low-hydrogen electrode welding, self-shielded flux-cored wire semi-automatic welding, gas shielded semi-automatic welding, automatic welding, TIG welding, etc. During construction, a welder often needs to complete all the work from bottoming to filling and covering. And root welding, filling and covering often use different welding methods, so it is better to adapt the welding power source to more welding methods at the same time. And it is necessary to develop multi-function welding machine.

4. The automatic welding equipment is small and light

Long-distance pipelines require both Gobi Desert mechanized and large-flow construction, as well as the construction of mountain steep slopes and tunnel. Automatic welding equipment must not only meet the requirements on continuous work of mechanized large-flow construction, but also meet the requirements of small, light, safe and reliable mountain and tunnel construction.

5. Compensation ability of the automatic welding equipment for power supply

Since the construction of long-distance pipelines will inevitably cover remote and inconvenient areas, the power supply and cables that rely on city electricity are relatively thin, and the line loss is large, the power supply voltage cannot meet the needs of general welding machines. In the field, in terms of the internal combustion engine power generation equipment, the power frequency is often not guaranteed, so the welding machine is required to have the ability to compensate for the grid voltage and the ability to adapt to the frequency in order to meet the basic requirements of welding.

6. Automatic welding equipment is easy to upgrade

The welding machine interface is standardized, and the function improvement of the same type of welding machine can be realized through the Internet transmission and software design. In today's era when technology is updated very fast, the service life and scope of use of automatic pipe welding machines can be greatly improved.

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