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How to Safely Operate the Butt Welding Machine?

How to Safely Operate the Butt Welding Machine?

Ⅰ. Precautions before using the butt welding machine

1. The work surface of the butt welding machine should be level with the lower part of the cutter. The length of the work table can be recognized based on the length of the processing data. When processing long steel bars, special personnel should be assigned to help and follow the instructions of the operator, and not push or pull arbitrarily.

2. Before starting, it is necessary to check that the cutter should have no cracks, the bolts of the knife holder are fastened, and the protective cover is firm. Then roll the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing gap, and adjust the cutter gap.

3. After starting, the operation should be empty first, and the operation of each transmission part and bearing should be checked before operation.

Ⅱ. Advantages of butt welding machine

Butt butt welding machine has a wide range of welding applications. In principle, all metal materials that can be cast can be welded by hydraulic butt welding. For example, low-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals can be welded by hydraulic butt welding. Why is the butt welding equipment so widely used? It is inseparable from its advantages.

1. Energy saving. The radiator Hydraulic butt fusion welding machine uses two welding resistance transformers as the power source, pneumatic compression, upsetting, and no hydraulic station. Compared with the other two 315KVA single-phase communication resistance welding transformers and two 18KVA hydraulic power The butt welding machine at the station can save electricity by 78%.

2. Low requirements on the power grid. Only a 250KVA power grid is required.

3. Butt welding equipment has high welding accuracy. Select programmable controller PLC and imported stepper motor to control the hydraulic process, can accurately set the burning amount and burning speed, control the welding current through the microcomputer solder mask manipulator, the center distance error of the film head after welding can be controlled within ±0.2mm Inside, it facilitates the subsequent assembly and welding.

4. Active centering function. Make sure that the distance between the two ends of the pipe column and the two chip head ends before welding with the butt welder is the same, and then make sure that the amount of burning at both ends is the same.

5. High welding power. Because the pressure of the workpiece is selected by the double force cylinder, the response speed is significantly faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder.

6. Convenient manipulation and repair services. Because there is no hydraulic station, there are fewer debugging points and fault points for the product, and there will be no oil leakage in the butt welding machine.

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