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The Key Technology of Welding by the Automatic Welding Machine

The Key Technology of Welding by the Automatic Welding Machine

With the progress of the times, the welding of long-distance pipelines has also entered the era of automation, and the next step will be toward the direction of intelligent development. Due to the particularity of the field mobile construction environment for long-distance pipelines, the current pipeline automatic welding machine is not very intelligent enough, and the requirements for pipe bevel and welder's welding skills are also high. It is basically at the level of mechanical automation welding. There is still a long way to go to intelligent welding. The main technical difficulties are concentrated in system perception, machine learning, posture realization, and system control.

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1. The key technology of welding by the automatic welding machine

The system perception of automatic welding machine mainly refers to sensors. At present, the sensors used for welding are mainly based on visual position recognition. There is no available sensor based on molten pool recognition. Then in terms of machine learning, although there are good applications in many fields, there are not many machine learning applications in the welding field. Based on machine learning, the welder's posture adjustment should be converted to the machine's posture adjustment during the welding process, which is also difficult to achieve in a mobile welding environment in the field. Finally, the main purpose of system control is to realize the mutual system coordination and high efficiency of welding power supply and machine execution, which has reached a relatively high level.

2. The development prospects of automatic welding machines

Whether it is the aspiration of welding practitioners or the development needs of the industry, the continuous realization of intelligence should be pursued so as to completely liberate the key working process of field welding of long-distance pipelines, making welding welders more relaxed, long-distance pipeline construction more efficient, and the welding quality of automatic welding machine better. We should maintain this good wish and continue to work in the above directions in actual work. At the same time, the industry's R&D innovators continue to overcome problems together. We believe that we will realize the intelligentization of long-distance pipeline welding with our efforts so as to contribute to the development of society.

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