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How Much Do You Know Automatic Welding Machine?

How Much Do You Know Automatic Welding Machine?


Due to reasons such as the layout of pipes and their positions, automatic welding is currently not commonly used. Some construction companies use argon welding as a base, and use automatic welding with gas protection for filling and covering. Of course, some construction companies also try out integrated welding methods, which combine gas-protected welding of root joints and filling and covering. However, the stability of the qualification rate for single-sided welding with gas protection on the root joint and integrated filling and covering welding is unstable due to the influence of external environment, and therefore its use is currently limited. With the continuous advancement of equipment and welding technology, new automatic welding methods for pipes will continue to emerge.

1. Application fields of pipe automatic welding machines

(1) Currently, the main application field of pipe automatic welding machines is on-site installation and welding construction of long-distance oil and gas pipelines on land and at sea.

(2) On-site installation and welding construction of water pipelines in the field, circular pipelines such as those for construction and bridges.

(3) Welding of circular cylinder welds, straight welds and other workpieces that cannot be moved and can only be welded by the automatic welding machine itself.

2. Factors affecting the price of pipe automatic welding machines

(1) Factors relating to the applicable size range of pipes

Pipe automatic welding machines are automated equipment used in modern industry. They are custom-made based on the needs of the enterprise, such as the length, wall thickness, and diameter of the pipeline. The manufacturer will produce corresponding equipment according to the size range of the pipeline, and one device will cover a certain range to meet the production needs of the enterprise. Different devices cover different ranges and thus have different prices.

(2) Configuration factors

Although many welding equipment may have similar functions and structures, their configurations differ greatly. The configuration determines the stability and welding quality of the pipe automatic welding machine during the welding process, such as the welding power supply and welding process. This is similar to the principle of buying a car.

In short, when purchasing pipe automatic welding machines, prices should not be the only consideration. For oneself, equipment usability and reliability are more important. Only equipment that is suitable for customization is the best, and reliable quality control comes from the technical expertise and design of the manufacturer. Equipment with excellent quality can withstand application tests.

3. Maintenance of automatic welding machines

The automatic welding machine, just like a living being, will perform better and produce better results if it is treated well. Therefore, workers need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the welding machine:

(1) Inject lubricant into the spindle screw and linear guide rail of the automatic welding machine every day, that is to say, use good machine oil.

(2) Clean the welding slag splashed on the trolley and the bellows hood during welding every day. Do not blow it away with air, use a brush to brush the welding slag onto the cover plate below the trolley, and then take it out and dispose of it.

(3) Check every day whether the compressed air pipe and the protection gas pipe are leaking. If any leakages are found, they need to be solved promptly. Also, check whether the motion parts are working properly. If they are not normal, they must be handled promptly or contact the after-sales personnel of the manufacturer.

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