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Welding Characteristics of Electrofusion Welding Machine

Welding Characteristics of Electrofusion Welding Machine

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Ⅰ. Customer requirements for electrofusion welding machine

There are both explicit and implicit requirements in the requirement classification of the automatic electrofusion welding machine. These requirements of the electrofusion welding machine should be digitized as much as possible, and those that cannot be digitized should also be clearly described without ambiguity.

(1) Explicit requirements

Explicit requirements refer to the requirements clearly put forward by customers of the electrofusion welding machine. For explicit requirements, equipment suppliers should communicate with customers the rationality. These requirements include the main functional parameters of the electrofusion welding machine and other auxiliary function requirements as well as customer-specific requirements. These are undoubtedly the most important that must be satisfied.

(2) Implicit requirements

Implicit requirements refer to the requirements that must meet the general specifications of the electrofusion welding machine which are not explicitly proposed by the customers. These requirements include safety (operation safety, fool-proofing, interlocking device), dust-proof, explosion-proof, anti-static, appearance shape and color, materials of the electrofusion welding machine, noise, use environment, human factors engineering, etc. Some requirements are often overlooked, so it is necessary to communicate with customers to clarify whether they are needed. The understanding of implicit requirements of the electrofusion welding machine requires non-standard design experience as well as an understanding of the manufacturing specifications and standards of related industries.

Ⅱ. Welding characteristics of the electrofusion welding machine

Technically speaking, the electrofusion welding machine belongs to the power supply. It integrates power electronic technology, automatic control technology, automatic detection and automatic identification technology, computer hardware technology, software technology, display technology, barcode scanning technology and database technology. Firstly, it is needed to supply constant welding voltage or welding current for welding, as well as to detect and control the welding process so that the welding result can reach the best state. The characteristics are as follows:

(1) It has an automatic IC closed-loop design. When the welding failed to meet the requirements of welding conditions (such as voltage, current, temperature faults) according to the standard, the electric welding machine can automatically detect and judge various welding faults, and prompt corresponding alarm codes for operators' references.

(2) It is connected to a professional printer so that it can print out the actual welding parameters in time for keeping in the archives and providing a reliable guarantee for mastering the real first-hand welding material. A USB can be used to copy data to the computer for printing.

(3) The conversion plug of pipe connection adopts the latest patented product, which has changed the traditional connection method. It reduces the resistance value change caused by poor contact during connection, thus avoiding the deviation of the actual welding parameters caused by the resistance value change.

(4) It has an automatic detection system of ambient temperature, which can automatically compensate for welding according to the requirements of the pipe fittings manufacturer.

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