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How Much Do You Know About Electrofusion Welding Machines?

How Much Do You Know About Electrofusion Welding Machines?

The electrofusion welding machine uses an effective constant power output, and the output current and welding time can be set in a wide range to meet the welding requirements of different electric heating belts. It is mainly used for electrofusion welding of PE electric heating coils.


1. The use of electrofusion welding machine

When ready, connect the electric wire of the electrofusion welding machine to the power switch, set the voltage and time action switch, start the timer, adjust the current, adjust the set value (slow adjustment) and start welding to set the time, the sound of beeping will be Automatically cut off the power to shut down the operation switch to off, and the current knob to return and remove the connection wire clip cooling, work in the end of the check at the end of the specified time.

After preparing the electrofusion welding machine, turn on the operation switch and carefully adjust the working current to start welding. For any reason, when the electrofusion welding machine stops working in the middle, the timer will record the time for the current to pass. When the voltage is too high or the current is too large, the electrofusion welding machine will automatically cut off the power supply. Therefore, when judging whether the welding machine is working normally, you only need to turn off and on the power to cut off the equipment to restore the system to normal state.

2. What is the difference between the working principle of the electrofusion welding machine and other similar products?

(1) Welding

Electrofusion welding is the process of welding or no filler material by heat or pressure or both, so that the workpiece can form a permanent connection by reaching the external group or intermolecular bonding force.

(2) Hot melt welding

It uses the chemical reaction of exothermic magnetic flux as a heat source to pre-fix the ends of two workpieces in a mold for welding to generate high temperature to join the workpieces.

3. Characteristics of electrofusion welding machine

The electrofusion welding machine adopts a plate-like structure and applies electric heating. The whole machine has the shape of a frame composed of three boards: top formwork, bottom formwork and thermal formwork, and is equipped with thermal form and plastic cold compresses on the top and bottom of the heat form. The action mode is pneumatic control. It is suitable for welding plastic parts such as household appliances, car lights and car melting paste. The heating performance and shape and size can be adjusted according to the size of different plastic parts to realize the welding of various plastic workpieces, which is easy to operate and easy to use. Electric welding machines have been used in many fields.

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