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Diversified Connection Methods of Electrofusion Welding Machine

Diversified Connection Methods of Electrofusion Welding Machine

1. Overview of the electrofusion welding machine

Electrofusion welding machine is a special equipment for the electrofusion welding of pipeline. It mainly supplies constant welding voltage or welding current for welding, and detects and controls the welding process to achieve the best welding result. Technically speaking, the electrofusion welding machine belongs to the power source, which integrates power electronics skills, active control skills, active detection and active identification skills, computer audit hardware skills, software skills, display skills, barcode scanning skills and database skills.

2. What are the connection methods of the electrofusion welding machine

At present, most electrofusion welding machines are used in the welding of steel mesh skeleton composite pipelines. Its connection method is also very important. For example in terms of the welding method, ultrasonic vibration transmits the ultrasonic wave to the weldment along with the welding head. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the two weldments, local high temperature is generated, which melts the welding surface. Under a certain pressure, the welding of two weldments can be beautiful, fast and firm.


(1) Implantation method. A nut or other metal is inserted into a plastic workpiece. The electrofusion welding machine first transmits ultrasonic waves to the metal, and vibrates at a high speed, so that the metal is directly embedded in the molded plastic, and the plastic is melted at the same time, and the implantation is completed after solidification.

(2) Moulding method. The electrofusion welding machine uses ultrasonic waves to instantaneously melt and shape up the plastic workpiece, and when the plastic solidifies, it can make the metal or other materials of plastic firm.

(3) Excision method. Utilizing the special design method of the welding head and the base: when the plastic workpiece is just shot, it is directly pressed on the plastic branch, and the effect of excision is achieved through ultrasonic transmission.

(4) Riveting method. To connect metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties, ultrasonic riveting method can be used to make the weldment of the electrofusion welding machine firm, beautiful and strong.

(5) In addition, spot welding method can also be used for electrofusion welding machines. A small welding head is used to weld two large plastic products at points, or a whole row of tooth-shaped welding heads are directly pressed on the two plastic workpieces, so as to achieve the effect of spot welding.

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