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Customer Demand for Automatic Electrofusion Welding Machine Equipment

Customer Demand for Automatic Electrofusion Welding Machine Equipment


1. Customer demand for electrofusion welding equipment

There are explicit needs and invisible needs in the classification of automatic electric fusion welding machine equipment requirements. These electrofusion welding equipment needs to be digitized as much as possible, and those that cannot be digitized must be clearly described to avoid production ambiguity.

(1) explicit demand

The needs clearly put forward by customers of electric fusion welding machines are collectively referred to as explicit needs. For explicit needs, equipment suppliers need to communicate with customers about the rationality of these needs. These requirements include not only the main functional parameters of the electric fusion welding machine equipment, but also other auxiliary function requirements and customer-specific requirements. These are undoubtedly the most important and must be satisfied.

(2) Invisible demand

The requirements that the customer of electric fusion welding machine have not clearly proposed but must meet according to the general specifications of electric fusion welding machine equipment or industry specifications are called hidden requirements. Including safety (operation safety, anti-theft, interlocking device), dust-proof explosion-proof, anti-static, appearance shape and color, use of electrofusion welding equipment materials, noise, use environment, human factors engineering, etc. Some requirements are often easily overlooked, and it is necessary to communicate with customers to clarify whether they are needed. The understanding of the invisible needs of electric fusion welding machines requires not only experience in non-standard design, but also a certain understanding of the manufacturing specifications and standards of related industries.

2. Selection and use skills of automatic electric fusion welding machine

Is there anything we need to pay attention to when using electric fusion welding machine? We believe everyone has their own opinions on how to use the electric fusion welding machine.

The models and parameters of products produced by each manufacturer are different. Therefore, when choosing an electric fusion welding machine, the latest automatic electric heating fusion welding machine that supports both manual and barcode use should be selected. Otherwise, the purchase of other products will reduce the scope of use during the use process, thereby reducing the use efficiency and causing waste.

During construction, generally when the power supply is within 50 meters from the welding machine, it is necessary to use a 2.5㎟ input cable, electric fusion welding machine, and so on. The longer the distance, the higher the voltage of the cable used. When required, a generator must be selected to support the power supply at this time. There are strict requirements when using the electric fusion welding machine. It must be used by professionals and certified personnel. Non-professionals should not approach it, so as to avoid unnecessary danger to the operator.

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