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Uses and Characteristics of PE Butt Welding Machine

Uses and Characteristics of PE Butt Welding Machine

1. The meaning of PE butt welding machine

PE butt welding machine is a kind of welding process for PE (polyethylene) film. It is used when PE tape is made or heat-sealed on a packaging machine. Generally, an external heat source is used to locally heat the film and melt it to form a weld. PE is a kind of plastic. Such as PVC, PU, PPR, etc. are all plastic codes.

2. Classification of PE butt welding machine

According to different welding methods, butt welding machines are divided into the following types: flash butt welding machine, steel butt welding machine, copper rod butt welding machine. Flash butt welding mainly uses the heat generated by the contact resistance of the workpiece to heat the workpiece, the metal surface is melted, the temperature gradient is large, and the heat-affected zone is relatively small. The weld is to form a common crystal grain under the condition of plastic deformation of the counterpart solid-phase metal of the workpiece. The structure and composition of the weld seam of the polyethylene pipe butt welder are close to the basic metal (or after heat treatment), and it is easier to obtain the iso-strength plastic welded joint. The flashing process has the self-protection function of exhausting air and reducing metal oxidation. Upsetting can also discharge oxides with the liquid metal out of the weld. There are fewer defects such as weld inclusions and incomplete penetration. The flashing process has a strong self-adjusting function and has low requirements for strict compliance with specifications, and the welding quality is stable. The unit welding cross-sectional area requires low electric power, and only (0.1-0.3) KVA/mm2 electric power is required for welding mild steel. Welding productivity is high, and it only takes a few seconds to tens of seconds to weld a joint. There is also the manual butt welding machine, but it is less convenient.

3. Product usage and characteristics of PE butt welding machine

(1) PE butt welding machine is suitable for connecting PE, PP, PVDF pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings on the construction site, and can also be used in the workshop.

(2) PE butt welding machine is composed of frame, hydraulic station, milling cutter, heating plate, milling cutter and heating plate support and optional accessories.

(3) Independent temperature control of heating plate, PTFE surface coating.

(4) The main part of the frame is made of aluminum alloy, with a 30° inclined design; the structure is simple, compact, and easy to use. And there is also a micro butt welder for selection.

(5) Low starting pressure makes welding small diameter pipes more reliable.

(6) The welding position can be changed to facilitate welding of various pipe fittings.

(7) The PE butt welding machine has an independent dual-channel timer, which can record the two time periods of heat absorption and cooling, and alarms when the timer is over, which is convenient for users.

(8) Large dial, high-precision shock-proof pressure, clear readings on the meter.

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