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Tips for Purchasing Electric Welding Machine

Tips for Purchasing Electric Welding Machine

The electric welding machine uses the high temperature arc generated when the positive and negative poles are short-circuited instantaneously to melt the solder on the welding rod and the material to be welded, so as to combine the objects to be contacted. Its structure is very simple, and it is a high-power transformer. Electric welding machines can generally be divided into two types according to the type of output power source, one is AC power and the other is DC power. They use the principle of inductance: the inductance will produce huge voltage changes when it is switched on and off, and it uses the high voltage arc generated by the positive and negative poles to melt the solder on the welding rod when the positive and negative poles are short-circuited instantaneously, so as to achieve the purpose of atomic bonding.

1. The use of electric welding machine is very wide

Electric welding machines are indispensable tools for large shipbuilding companies, industrial and mining companies, and various construction companies. Electric welding machines are used for material welding, and they are electrically charged during use. Especially some small construction units buy cheap electric welding machine to save costs. If it is used in harsh environments on the construction site, it can easily cause electric shock, fire, and desoldering. When the phenomenon occurs, it will endanger personal safety and property safety. Because the welding quality is not good, it will also lead to the "jerry-built" project.

2. Tips for purchasing the electric welding machine

(1) When electric welding machine suppliers purchasing products, go to a formal manufacturer or a large shopping mall, and choose brand-name and high-quality products with a higher market share. Do not go to a small shop for cheap purchases, where the quality of the welding machine cannot be guaranteed.

(2) When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product has the name of the manufacturer, production address, specifications, model, adjustment range of welding current, rated duty cycle, input voltage and current, etc., and then determine which welding machine you want to buy according to work needs.

(3) The dealer can be required to provide a product quality inspection report or certificate when you are purchasing products. Because thechina electric welding machine product is a product with China Compulsory Product Certification, it is necessary to confirm whether the product has passed the "3C" certification when purchasing. You can also check online.

(4) Be sure to check whether the product has a grounding screw when purchasing, and the joint of grounding screw should be well grounded without paint. You can also check whether the movement is clean and the insulation is damaged to ensure safe use if necessary.

(5) Before purchasing, you can check the operation, conversion and installation of the switch on the panel, whether the power indicator light is on or off, whether the fan is normal, whether the power supply part has abnormal vibration and buzzing, whether there is a peculiar smell, and whether there is discoloration, heating or other phenomena on the appearance, so as to ensure the quality of the electric welding machine and give full play to the performance of the electric welding machine.

(6) If you want to buy a gas shielded welding machine, check whether the accessories are complete before purchasing, whether the wire feeder is oily, whether the rotation is stable, whether the connecting cable matches, and whether there is damage to the outer insulation so as to ensure the stability of the arc.

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