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Do You Know the Principle of Electric Welding Machine?

Do You Know the Principle of Electric Welding Machine?

Speaking of welding technology, I have to mention the inverter welding machine! As a type of plastic pipe welders for sale on the giant market, it has its own features that make it special and necessary.

① Increase in popularity:

The participation rate of inverter welding electric machines is getting higher and higher, and the exhibition area is getting wider and wider. At the exhibition in previous years, almost all large companies displayed various inverter welding electric machines and new technologies and products in a larger position, but their varieties, powers, performances, functions, and manufacturing levels were different. In addition, the variety, performance, function, welding method, and application range of inverter welding machines have also been improved, increased, and expanded.

② Increased power manufacturing capacity:

In the past, it was believed that the inverter welding machine was mainly suitable for small and medium power occasions with its advantages of small size, convenient movement, energy-saving, and material saving.

③ Miniaturization:

By increasing the frequency, using high-performance magnets, optimizing the structure, etc., the low-power inverter welding machine should be made as small as possible. For example, the small hydraulic welding machine used for thin plate welding in the assembly and maintenance work where the welding position changes frequently is only 3.4kg.

1. Working principle of inverter welding electric machine

Inverter plastic pipe welding machine for sale is mainly an inverter arc welding power source generated by an inverter, also known as an arc welding inverter, which is a new type of welding power source.

2. Working process of inverter welding machine

Inverter welding electric machine is to rectify three-phase or single-phase power frequency alternating current and obtain a smoother direct current after filtering. The inverter circuit composed of IGBTs converts the direct current into tens of KHZ alternating current, which is stepped down by the main transformer, after which, it is rectified and filtered to obtain a stable DC output welding current.

Due to the high frequency of the inverter, the cross-sectional area of the core and the number of turns of the main transformer are greatly reduced. Therefore, the inverter welding machine can save metal materials to a large extent, reduce the size and weight, and greatly reduce power loss. More importantly, the weighing and measuring length of the inverter welding machine can adjust the output current in microseconds, so the ideal control process required by the welding process can be realized, and the satisfactory welding effect can be obtained.

Although the circuit is closed, it is precisely because the circuit is closed that the entire closed circuit and the currents are equal; but the resistance is different everywhere, especially where the resistance is the largest at the unfixed contact. This resistance is physically called contact resistance.

This machine is popular among various hdpe pipe welding company. Since the inverter welding machine is a typical switching power supply (the output characteristics have great characteristics), the output power is large and the working environment changes greatly, so the quality of the components is required to be good, so as to ensure the stable work and long life.

According to the law of thermal effect of current (also called Joule's law) Q=I square Rt, when the current is equal, the greater the resistance, the higher the heat, and the contact of the electrode is also connected to the contact of the metal body during welding. If the contact resistance is the largest, the electric heat generated in this part is naturally the most. The welding rod is an alloy with a lower melting point, which is naturally easy to melt. The melted alloy electrode core is attached to the object to be welded and then cooled, thus connecting the welding objects together.

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