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Advantages of Using Automatic Welding Machine for Natural Gas Pipeline Welding

Advantages of Using Automatic Welding Machine for Natural Gas Pipeline Welding

1. The automatic welding machine for pipeline can improve the welding quality of natural gas pipelines

Pipeline automatic welding machine is a kind of automatic welding equipment. Compared with manual welding, it can greatly improve welding efficiency and welding quality. The pipeline automatic welding machine includes the walking part, the welding torch swinging part, the welding torch up and down adjustment part, etc., and mathematical modeling is carried out on it. The control part uses DSP as the main control unit, the embedded system as the auxiliary interface unit, and the handheld remote control as the welding command unit, so as to realize the automatic welding of the pipeline.

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2. The welding process of the automatic pipe welding machine has high welding efficiency

In recent years, with the construction of more and more pipelines and oil and gas pipelines, the requirements for welding technology and welding efficiency have increased. This puts forward higher requirements for automatic pipe welding machine equipment, not only high welding quality, but also high speed is required. For this reason, an automatic welding machine is developed to replace manual or semi-automatic welding, which can realize fast, efficient, and low-defect high-quality welding of welds. This is our ultimate goal for pipeline automatic welding machines.

3. The use of automatic pipeline welding machine can reduce the cost of natural gas pipeline construction

Many projects have construction characteristics such as long distances, large pipe diameters, and large wall thicknesses. The labor intensity of workers is high, the production efficiency is low, and the construction process is very slow. In addition, there is a shortage of pipeline welding workers, and pipeline construction is relatively special. The requirements for workers during construction are very high, but the environment is harsh; welders’ wages are generally high and increase year by year. The use of automatic pipe welding machines can greatly reduce the skill requirements of welders; use automatic pipe welding machine can reduce the working intensity, thereby increasing the welding efficiency and reducing the construction cost.

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