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What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to at the Welding Construction Site of the Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine?

What Matters Should Be Paid Attention to at the Welding Construction Site of the Pipeline Automatic Welding Machine?

Long-distance pipeline auto welding machine is divided into pipeline automatic internal welding machine, pipeline automatic single torch external welding machine and double torch external welding machine, pipeline automatic welding machine is composed of central control system, mechanical parts and their motion control, wire feeding and welding torch unit, welding power supply, various control cables and welding cables, etc.


1. Maintenance of long-distance pipeline auto welding machine

When the pipeline auto welding machine enters the project site for installation and debugging, the integrity of the equipment (especially cables and joints) must be checked first. Manufacturers or professional technicians are invited to install and debug. All cables must be firmly connected (especially Welding cables with high current), the grounding marks on the equipment must be correctly grounded, and the layout of various cables on site (especially in the windproof shed) should be as regular as possible and kept a certain distance from each other, and the cables cannot be coiled or twisted. They are intertwined with each other so as not to affect the stable operation of the system due to electromagnetic interference.

In the daily use of the long-distance pipeline auto welding machine, it is necessary to check the integrity and contact of various cables before working every day, and regularly clean the dust inside and outside the automatic pipeline welding machine to ensure that the equipment is in good working condition and improve The efficiency and welding qualification rate of the project site. The long-distance pipeline auto welding machine also needs to be regularly maintained and maintained. After the construction of each pipeline project or when it is not used for a long time (more than half a year), the manufacturer or a professional technical team should be invited to carry out systematic inspection and maintenance. repair or replace parts and parts that cannot ensure the performance of the car, just like the maintenance and regular maintenance of the car before and after running a long distance. Ensure that the pipeline auto welding machine does not affect the efficiency and quality of pipeline construction due to failure, and prevent the occurrence of major quality or safety accidents.

2. Precautions for welding construction site of pipeline auto welding machine

In recent years, the main line welding of long-distance pipelines has changed from a semi-automatic welding equipment process to a fully automatic welding equipment process, and pipeline auto welding machines have been widely used. Regarding the matters that should be paid attention to in the on-site management of welding equipment such as automatic pipeline welding machines, Plaswelding have sorted out a proposal on the management of welding equipment on the project site:

(1) Strengthen the responsibility education of welders, stop welding immediately when encountering problems, and deal with them in a timely manner. If you are not sure, you must consult experienced people;

(2) Make sure that the ground wire is in good contact;

(3) Windproof measures shall be taken for the welding windproof shed;

(4) Make sure the generator voltage is within the normal range;

(5) Do not block the air duct of the welding machine;

(6) Check the protection circuit at any time;

(7) Be sure to cut off the power of the welding machine before moving to the next welding port;

(8) It is strictly forbidden for untrained welders to work;

(9) It is strictly forbidden for non-professionals to open the casing of the auto welding machine to check and repair the welding equipment.

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