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Several Common Types of Automatic Tube Welding Machine

Several Common Types of Automatic Tube Welding Machine

Ⅰ. The automatic tube welding machine is widely used

Automatic tube welding machine are widely used in many fields of engineering. Such as: automatic welding of natural gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines, chemical pipelines, power pipelines, nuclear power pipelines. The circular pipes inside and outside bring great convenience to automated rolling welding.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of several common automatic tube welding machine

1. Cantilever type automatic tube welding machine

It consists of a pipeline automatic welding machine, a positioner, a mobile welding trolley and a supporting welding trolley. Main features: It is suitable for automatic welding of pipelines with multiple welds and long pipeline segments, and can be used for continuous welding of multiple welds. Not only can pipe+pipe welding, pipe+flange welding, but also pipe+elbow welding.


(1) Multi-section welding is possible, and one-time welding can be achieved without frequent movement of pipes and fittings;

(2) It can weld flanges, elbows, tees, and pipe fittings. It is a multifunctional automatic pipe welder;

(3) Support a variety of welding methods: argon arc welding, carbon dioxide shielded welding, submerged arc welding and other welding methods, and the flexibility of welding selection is good;

(4) The welding power source of the automatic pipe welder can be customized according to needs.

2. Split type automatic tube welding machine

The main equipment in the field pipeline automatic welding machine. Aiming at the automatic welding machine for large pipelines and rear wall pipelines, its unique split structure greatly improves the pipeline's logistics transportation system and improves work efficiency. Here are the advantages of split automatic tube welding machine:

(1) The welding trolley can participate in pipeline transportation to improve welding efficiency;

(2) After the split welding trolley is driven out, the material is loaded to avoid the collision between the pipeline and the welding machine, and to reduce the damage of the welding machine during work;

(3) The height of the welding trolley can be customized according to the requirements, which is more advantageous when welding elbows;

(4) A variety of welding methods can be selected, whether thin-walled or thick-walled pipes can be welded.

3. All-position automatic tube welding machine

Mainly used in the welding of long-distance pipelines. Because of its small size, convenient portability and low cost, it provides great convenience in field work. Here are four features of all-position automatic tube welding machine:

1) A variety of orbital and magnetic welding machines are available;

2) Small size, easy to install and move;

3) You can choose a variety of welding methods to replace manual welding;

4) Due to the limitation of the installation environment, the welding speed is not very high in some cases.

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