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How To Improve Production Efficiency of Electrofusion Welding Machine

How To Improve Production Efficiency of Electrofusion Welding Machine

Which One to Choose? Hot Melt Butt or Socket Welding?

Generally speaking, the hdpe pipe electrofusion welding machine uses a hot melt welding machine to weld pipes. Electrofusion welding machine has advantages of is fast welding speed and low cost, and is suitable for plumbing pipe welding and oil pipe welding. The electric fusion welding of the electrofusion welding machine, that is, the hot-melt connection of the polyethylene piping system, includes hot-melt butt and hot-melt socket connection. The hot-melt socket connection is suitable for pipes and fittings with relatively small diameters, because the pipes and fittings with small diameters have thin walls and small cross-sections. Using hot-melt socket connection is not easy to control the quality of the butt joints. Hot-melt butt is suitable for pipes and fittings with relatively large diameters. It consumes less materials than socket connections and is easier to be manufactured. Because the oxidized surface layer is cut off before welding, the butt welding pressure can be controlled and the quality is easier to be controlled. From the perspective of development trends, the use of hot-melt butt welding machine is absulutely the mainstream.

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Notice on Using Electrofusion Welding Machine For Different Polyethylene Materials

There is a test proving that the pipes made of different grades of polyethylene materials can be connected by hot melt welding. However, because the materials often used for polyethylene pipes are not specialized materials that fully meet the standards, it is recommended to go through tests and inspections when using hot-melt welding for polyethylene pipes and fittings of different brands and batches. The processing and equipment of the hot melt welding for polyethylene piping system are relatively simple. Therefore, in order to further ensure the quality, the hot melt welding should be ultrasonically tested. However, the field use of this test has not been popularized, so the visual inspection is generally used on site.

Measures to Improve Production Efficiency of Electrofusion Welding Machines

As a butt welding machine manufacturer, only by doing a good job in the producing and processing in butt welding machine manufacuring, and it is ensured that the electrofusion welding machine production can have higher. If the production efficiency of HDPE electrofusion welding machines is wanted to be improved, then the fusion welding machine manufacturers need to guarantee their production technology is advanced with the latest industry development. The more advanced and professional technology, the faster production and processing speed the HDPE pipe electrofusion welding machine can reach. In order to improve the production efficiency of HDPE pipe electrofusion weldings, it is necessary for factories to do a good job in mobilizing their employees, so as to improve the entire  work motivation in the factory. In this way, the production efficiency of the factories can be improved. 

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