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Automatic hot melt butt welding machine butt need to check what aspects?

Automatic hot melt butt welding machine butt need to check what aspects?


The PE pipe material is a polyolefin polymer compound, and its molecules are composed of carbon and hydrogen elements, without harmful elements, and are hygienic and reliable. In the process of processing, use and disposal, it will not adversely affect the human body and the environment, and it is a green building material. PE pipe not only has good toughness and flexibility, but also has excellent welding performance. It has reliable welding effect and low cost in the process of pipe connection. At the same time, it has good air tightness, corrosion resistance and good resistance to rapid transmission of cracks, so it is widely used. In the priority areas of municipal, petroleum, chemical, gas and other construction. PE pipes can be welded by automatic hot-melt butt welding machine, PE automatic hot-melt welding machine and other equipment. Next, Plaswelding will mainly share with you the preparations before welding.

1. Inspection items required for PE pipe hot melt butt welding machine

(1) Check whether the condition of the welding machine meets the work requirements, and check whether the fasteners in each part of the machine are falling off or loose.

(2) Check whether the electrical and mechanical circuit connections are correct and reliable.

(3) Check whether the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank of the butt welding equipment is sufficient.

(4) Confirm whether the power supply matches the input requirements of the implement.

(5) Whether the heating plate meets the requirements (whether the coating is damaged).

(6) Whether the switch of milling cutter and oil pump is normal, etc.

Then in addition to checking some specific things, we also need to understand the stages of the specific docking process, so that there will be no mistakes.

2. The stage of pe pipe hot melt butt welding machine

The PE pipe is commonly used in the hot-melt butt welding machine process, and the connection can be made by hot-melt butt and electrofusion, so that the pipe and pipe fittings are integrated, the system is safe and reliable, the construction cost is low, and it develops rapidly in engineering applications. Mainly use hot-melt welding machine and docking machine products, the automatic ones are more convenient and easy to operate.

(1) Preheating stage: that is, in the preheating and crimping stage of the electric heating plate, a certain pressure is applied to the two pipe ports to melt the crimping.

(2) Endothermic stage: Apply a small pressure and a certain time to diffuse heat in the pipes to be connected to achieve uniform heat absorption.

(3) Conversion stage: the heating plate slamming stage. The shorter the time that the connecting pipes are in contact, the better.

(4) Welding stage: The melting ends of the two pipes are fused together and a certain pressure is applied.

(5) Cooling stage: natural cooling of butt welding machine fusion, be careful not to have tension and mechanical stress.

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