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How to Use Hot Melt Butt Welding Machine?

How to Use Hot Melt Butt Welding Machine?

The use of pipeline hot melt butt welding machines in the pipeline industry is increasing, and it plays an increasingly important role in the market. When operating it, the first thing to pay attention to is the need for fixation and the integrity of the joint. It is necessary to fix the pipe and operate the hot melt welding machine conveniently.


1. Requirements for using hot melt butt welders

Prior to use, check if the welding machine meets the operational requirements. Then load the clamp of the same pipe diameter into the rack, set the heating plate temperature to the welding temperature, and wipe the surface of the heating plate with soft paper or cloth dipped in alcohol before heating, but be careful not to scratch the PTFE non-stick layer.

The hot melt butt welding machine should be operated according to the welding process card parameters. If necessary, adjustments should be made according to changes in weather and ambient temperature. Clean both ends with a clean cloth and place them in the clamp of the frame so that the lengths of both ends are the same. If necessary, the parts outside the clamp of the pipe can be supported to ensure that the pipe axis is at the height of the centerline of the frame, and then tighten the clamp.

Insert the milling cutter, turn on the power switch of the milling cutter first, slowly close the two pipe welding ends, apply appropriate pressure until continuous chips appear on both ends, withdraw the pressure, wait for a moment, then exit the movable frame and turn off the milling cutter power switch. The thickness of the chips should be 0.5~1.0mm, which can be adjusted by adjusting the cutting height of the milling cutter blade. Remove the milling cutter, close both ends of the pipe, and check the alignment of both ends. The displacement amount of both ends of the pipe should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness or the larger value of 1mm. To a certain extent, it can be corrected by adjusting the straightness of the pipe and the tightness of the clamp. There should be no obvious gap between the two end faces of the pipe when closing. If the above requirements are not met, milling must be carried out again until they are met.

Measure the drag force and add it to the process parameter pressure to obtain the actual used pressure. Check whether the heating plate temperature has reached the set value. After the heating plate temperature reaches the set value, insert it into the rack, apply the required pressure, and reduce the pressure to the specified value when the two sides of the coil reach the specified width, and then perform heat absorption. After the time is up, open the movable frame quickly, take out the heating plate, and then close both ends of the pipe. The switching time should be as short as possible and should not exceed the specified value. After cooling for a specified time, unload the pressure, loosen the clamp, and take out the completed pipe connection.

2. Precautions for operating pipeline hot melt butt welders

Check the coaxiality of the pipeline (the maximum amount of misalignment is 10% of the wall thickness). When the gap and misalignment of the two end faces fail to meet the requirements, the welding piece should be re-clamped, milled, and qualified before proceeding to the next step of operation.

Check whether the heating plate temperature of the hot melt butt welding machine is suitable (210℃±10℃), and the red indicator light on the heating plate should be lighted or flashing. After the first light on the heating plate, it is better to wait for 10 minutes for the temperature to be even.

Test the drag pressure P0 of the system and record it. The drag pressure of each welding point needs to be measured; when the drag pressure is too large, short pipes can be used to solve the problem.

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