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How to Input the Parameters of the Electric Welding Machine and How to Resolve the Malfunction

How to Input the Parameters of the Electric Welding Machine and How to Resolve the Malfunction

1. How to input parameters for electrofusion welding machine

Connect the wires according to the operating requirements of the electrofusion welding machine, and set the correct welding parameters of the electric fusion welder. You can use manual or active input methods.

After the inspection is correct, start the electrofusion welding machine and enter the welding process. When the welding time is reached, the machine will actively enter the cooling state. When the pipe is completely cooled, remove the electric welding machine.

Use a plastic pipe cutter or a fine-tooth saw with a cutting guide to block the pipe and make its end surface perpendicular to the pipe axis. Use a knife to cut off the burrs on the inner margin, scrape the welding area of the pipe or the socket end, and trim the welding area.

Special fixtures should be used to fix the components to be connected as much as possible, and the roundness of the pipe should not exceed 1.5% of the outer diameter of the pipe, otherwise it should be calibrated on the corresponding fixture.

There should be a suitable gap between the pipe and the fitting. Generally, it is better to pierce with a small force. If the gap is too large or too small, it will affect the quality of the interface.

Check the penetration depth, slide the socket pipe into the C end and position it correctly.

2. How to resolve the malfunction of the electric welding machine

① Does not power on when connected to the power supply? It may be a burned fuse or a problem with the power interface, which requires replacement of accessories or reconnection of the power supply.

② After power on, the display screen does not show up, the screen is blurred, and the machine buzzes. It may be that the display screen is damaged. The cause of the damage to the display screen is exposure to the sun, heat, impact, aging, and disconnection of the wiring. When these problems occur, it is necessary to reconnect and replace the display screen.

③ The current of the electric welding machine cannot rise because the external power supply is undervoltage and the power cord is laid too long. It is necessary to check the external power connection and lay it from the beginning.

④ The reason why the power supply can not work normally according to the set parameters is that the first-stage current parameter is set too low. The method is to increase the first-stage current parameter, the time is less than 30s, and then continue normal parameter welding.

⑤ Abnormal welding appears due to short-circuit of the heating element of the PE pipe fittings, so the welding should be stopped, and the welding can be carried out after cooling down.

⑥ Display output open circuit, resistance value exceeding the lower limit, abnormal PE pipe fittings, check PE pipe fittings and replace the pipe fittings from the beginning for welding.

⑦ Abnormal welding process, hot connection post, aging of the copper cap of the output wire, correct the copper cap or replace with new parts from scratch.

⑧ The cause of the over-current and over-voltage is the problem of the external power supply. It is necessary to check the external power supply and reconnect the wiring.

⑨ The motor is working but the hydraulic drive is invalid because the hydraulic oil is insufficient. Check the hydraulic oil and select the specified hydraulic oil to supplement it.

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