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​The Operation Process of Electrofusion Welding Machine

​The Operation Process of Electrofusion Welding Machine

Ⅰ. The operation process of the electrofusion welding machine

(1) Welded PE pipes and fittings are required to prepare electrofusion welding equipment.

(2) You should remove the oxide layer from the pierced end of the PE pipe and then pierce it into the electrofusion fitting. It is advisable to insert the pipe easily, and do not force the pipe into the pipe fittings. If the pipe fitting is inserted too tightly during welding, it simply causes the shift of electric heating in the swelling process of the PE materials after heating, thus changing the temperature change caused by heating, and simply causing the failure of welding smoke due to part high heating temperature. In special cases, such as the pipe fittings are not in a straight line, which means the pipe and the fittings are not coaxial. In this case, a special linear device is required to fix the pipe and the pipe fittings to reduce the stress of the pipe fittings.

(3) After preparation, you should insert the output electrode of the electrofusion welding machine into the electrode column of the pipe fitting.

(4) Then you can start the electrofusion welding machine, scan the barcode or input the voltage and time parameters to be welded and start welding.

(5) After the welding countdown of the electrofusion welding equipment ends, the output cable can be removed without affecting the cooling and welding of the pipe. Then, the next welding can be prepared.

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Ⅱ. Safe operation of automatic electrofusion welding machine

(1) The automatic electrofusion welding machine is mainly used for welding various plastic pipes and pipe fittings in new construction and reconstruction projects. It is necessary for operators to get professional training to avoid the risk of scalding during the welding process, and they can operate the electrofusion welding machine after they are qualified.

(2) The daily maintenance of the electrofusion welding machine cannot be ignored, and it is also necessary to carefully check and proofread before using it. You should clean up the surrounding environment of the electrofusion welding machine to avoid equipment damage. In addition, heat-resistant gloves and eye protection equipment should be properly worn when operating.

(3) You should check cables and power supply voltage. The power supply connected to the electrofusion welding equipment must meet the requirements. The cable and power supply voltage can only be powered on and used after repeated confirmation.

(4) Electrofusion fittings cannot be disassembled in advance, you should open the package only during the formal operation. Before electrofusion, you have to make sure the surface of the fitting is flat and can be properly scraped with a professional scraper. The end of the pipe fitting should be cut at right angles with a pipe cutter and fixed. Besides, improper use will cause welding failure.  

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